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    Just curious of the teens that played Starcraft back then are gonna play Starcraft II I can't wait to upgrade the ole pc to play it I hope the wait is over with the date of release it's been put off a couple of times cause of that WOW game that I can't stand cause of Starcraft is still not out yet. GO TERRANS!
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    At the risk of sounding nerdy.... I just broke out the Starcraft CD's about a week ago. Been at least 10 years since I had played. Definitely going to try the new one, but time is at a premium. Play with the kids, or play Starcraft? Kids will win every time.
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    Starcraft = WIN

    Starcraft 2 = fail!

    Why you might ask? Well blizzard isn't the same company it was several years ago. It is driven by money and greed. A great example of this is the no LAN in starcraft 2. Because of the no LAN if you want to play with friends they will force you to use which means that if they feel like charging for that service there goes all your money. Not to mention the fact that they claim is just as fast as LAN. Which if anyone knows anything about how the internet works you know its a complete LIE. How can I have a LAN party with 16 guys at my house all trying to play starcraft 2 on a single internet connection? Another reason for them to charge and make people use is that the Asians exploded with starcraft. They made it into a money making game. They hold tournaments and people earn their money just by playing starcraft over in Korea. Blizzard had no control over that and they saw it as money lost, now with starcraft 2 they are attempting to control this and earn more money.

    Most gaming companies have lost their ways. They focus on money and money alone and they keep rolling out the sh**est games I have ever seen.

    But thats just my two cents..

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    pretty sure the main reason companies create games is for a profit, I played SC2 at blizcon, I loved it and can't wait.
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    All dude no LAN? Ghee whiz that's gonna get ugly at my friends house we planned on LAN parties too and which the same thing happen when Valve got completely change by Steam and he had to deal with offline modes for Steam and it was a mess with the confusing junk PC's he gathered through years to play CS source or even Gary's Mod I haven't been up to date on SC2 and hearing this sucks.

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