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I'd love a google voice invite, I'll give 7 Google wave invites for a google voice invite. Please private message me, I'll give you my email.

BTW, i found out a way to get google voice invites fast, and free.
Go to australia.edu and make an email account (It takes time to get it verified) and do not have the same password on that account as you have in the alternate email you register it with. Then once it is activated, google "Google Voice for Students", click on the first link, and type that email in. Then check your inbox on australia.edu and copy the link to the invite. DO NOT OPEN IT YET! Then, log in to your google account, and then go to that link. Enjoy your Google Voice invite, and thank you in advance for giving me a google voice invite
Wait a minute...you've found an easy way to get google invites, but you are looking for a google invite?