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    I just installed a USB 2.0 PCI card. I needed some additional USB ports and figured that I might as well go with USB 2.0, though I don't currently have any USB 2.0 devices (the premium in terms of price was negligable).

    I notice that it takes longer for my USB Cradle to initialize when I hit the hotsynch button. The data transfer rate is the same (as one would expect), but from the time I push the button on the cradle to when the Hotsynch process begins and the Hotsynch progress icon pops up on my monitor it is about six to eight seconds, vs. virtually no lag with my old USB 1.0 connections.

    I figure that this must have something to do with the non-native driver I am using for the card. I've read that MS has a patch/driver that provides USB 2.0 support for Windows XP, but despite having read about it I cannot find it on the Microsoft support site. Has anyone else found this driver?
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    Can't say that I have. I had some problems with a USB 2.0 card; it was a Maxtor. Either my copy of Win98SE didn't have all the needed drivers, or the Maxtor floppy didn't have them. Either way, my motherboard would only support on-board USB through a JUSB motherboard connector. So, I got the connector. Anyway, though, I have noticed no lag when syncing...

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