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    As many of you know, BoardNation is coming back. BN is a message board hosting service for both free and payed users. We are in need of a website and to deal with this we have started a contest. To find out the details take a look here. Like in any contest there is a prize, if you follow that link you will find out what it is. If you are even remotly interested you should check it out!
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    First of all, run spell-check on the site you link to above.

    Second of all, think twice about doing a contest to have your site designed. It doesn't really benefit anyone.

    It seems to make sense to the company (hey! We can get all of these designers to work for us and we don't have to pay anyone opr reward them for their time and expertise!) but the reality is that you will end up with a lot of designs that probably don't meet the specific needs of your organzation.

    It doesn't benefit designers at all, of course.

    I'd suggest you instead find ONE designer and then work with them to help them understand the full set of goals you have for the site.

    Just 2 cents from a designer that has been burned in the past from 'design contests' and who has had to work with and seen WAY too many poor design solutions developed by 'contests'.
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