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    I'm wanting to buy a 32" HDTV with my tax refund, and the only concern I have is the type of back lighting, mostly concerning eyestrain. CCFL's are cheap, but LCD's last longer and my Macbook Pro's screen seems easier on the eyes than my previous CCFL based screen, but I was wondering if the extra $300-400 would be worth it to upgrade to LED? Also, to those who notice eyestrain after staring at a screen for extended periods of time, what do you think is the best of the two? There's surprisingly little information on the internet, so I figured i'd ask here. If you have any suggestions to which model, it would be appreciated. Was wanting one around $600-700. Thanks!
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    Buy LCD. with the new LEDs coming out prices on LCDs are dropping. By the time you need to replace the LCD, LEDs will be affordable.
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    A plasma tv seems like your best bet. plasma tv's pixels basicly are either on or off, and since the pixels emit the light, not an additional backlight, darker colors will appear darker. LCDs (not sure about LED) have a backlight, so even dark colors are backlit.

    I have a 32" vizio plasma tv, and it does great. No eyestrain for me at all, and my eyes are fairly sensitive. However, finding a 32" plasma is hard these days, plasmas tend to be bigger. So if you go the route of a plasma, expect to do some hunting for a 32".

    Just FYI, all the advice ive given is based of research i did before buying about a year ago. Alot has changed since then, and LED tvs werent readily availible then. Go to your local electronics store and try to get a side by side comparison, just keep in mind that some stores crank up the brightness of TVs on the showfloor in an effort to make them seem more appealing.
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    this is going in a different direction but 2 other things will hekp you more than the decision you are making now.

    1) calibrate your TV. There are numerous discs out there and blu-rays for under 20 that will help you set your blackks and whites and get your colors as true as possible. This helped my eye strain. (my eyes would start to water after long video game bouts on fallout 3)

    2) back light. There are many ways to go about this. Some TVs had it built in, there are special bulbs you can buy or being cheap like me IKEA sells a s4 strip pack of LEDs that I mounted just below line of sight behind my TV.

    So I say buy the light and the disc first. Then decide which tv you want.

    here are a couple things to consider about the 2 tvs.

    1) ccfl has a different color than what is recommended. It also always stays on so you lose some black. But they are cheaper.

    2) LED, longer life, instant on and off, much less heat, color is true, and can go as black as DLPs. Read up on the diff between edge lit and led back light. This also plays a roll.

    hope that gets you on your way. If you still have questions try AVS Forum . Those guys will make your brain bleed with info
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    I would also seriously consider checking out consumer reports or similar site. I did that when we bought our LCD two years ago.
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    Some bottom line thoughts:
    Usually 32" does not require 1080i That small of a screen the picels are not that visible so you can save some money there.
    HD broadcasts are in 780i but the blue ray is in 1080i. Compare a blueray movie with a television show in HD to see if you can see any differences.

    In a room with a bit of sunshine, a plasma is not as effected by other light in a room. If the room is usually dark then you can get by with LCD or LED.

    The next generation of televisions is starting to come out, 3D. It will take a while before the impact of this new option is viable or not.

    Whatever brand you get, most certainly you will enjoy it better than the old television. Good luck with your investment.
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    just want to correct the above poster.

    bluray is 1080P not i
    shows are either 1080i or 720p.
    i = interlace
    p = progressive

    just make sure the tv accepts 1080p and has a resolution of at leas 1900 x 1080

    in regards to plasma...not so good for rooms with light due to the reflection off the glossy screen.

    also there was a 42" on slickdeals for 500 bucks. Not the best tv, but awesome for the price

    again, good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by philpalm View Post
    In a room with a bit of sunshine, a plasma is not as effected by other light in a room. If the room is usually dark then you can get by with LCD or LED.
    This is not quite true. Most LCDs have a matte finish on the screen which will blur reflections where plasma has a gloss finish that is very reflective-bad for a room with windows that reflect off the screen. Reflections can lead to eye strain as the eye (brain) is trying to figure out which image to look at...the video or the reflection.

    As for LED vs CCFL, I think you will find little difference between the two when comparing reputable, quality manufacturers at this screen size. Currently, good CCFLs have a BETTER color spectrum than LED, but that is changing quickly.

    The purpose for LEDs are: thinner screens and lower power consumption. You only get better blacks if the LEDs are behind the glass and independently controlled and not around it (edge lit). Yes, there are a lot of "ands" there.....

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