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    Are there any more truly free ISP's? It doesn't matter if they limit it to 10hrs/Mo. or so, I just would like to grab a true free one. Thanks,
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    Try ''. There is a one-time $4.95 set-up fee, then it is free for a certain time. I researched it and it seems OK, but I have not logged on yet.

    You can use their software, but it is better (by their own admission!) to just set your computer's dial-in settings the way they show you.
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    Have you looked at I use it for free. There is a limitation but I don't know what it is. Hope this helps.
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    I like that access-4-free, I'll check it out, I also found out that roadrunner offers 10 hours free of dialup per month, guess I'll have to weigh the amount of access numbers in the Southeast, or use both.
    I looked at Juno, they don't seem to support Macintosh, the Netzero site looked suspiciously like the Juno one too.
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    If you are still looking, take a look at addlebrain for a listing of free ISPs. They also have a fairly active forum.

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