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  1.    #1 my back pocket is forcing me to go to CompUSA for an iBook...
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    Nah - Skip the iBook

    1) Go for the powerbook or
    2) Send me the money via PayPal!
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    Too good of a deal...
    I got a 500MHz/128MB/10GB/12.1"/DVD iBook for $999, and they threw in the Applecare for $50.
    Now I need Airport, I wanna surf in the yard.
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    Originally posted by dampeoples
    Now I need Airport, I wanna surf in the yard.
    Shoot thats what i am trying to raise captial for ....

    A powerTibook and the airport the cool thing about the airport is you can do the 56k in the yard also.

    hopfuly soon i will be "MACing it"
    Hey baby before we start do you mind if we use my M505?
    No not for that!!!!!!!!!!
    Use it to reffer to PalmaSutra, silly???????
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    As I use my wifes iMac more and more, I long for an iBook. I have always wanted a Notebook of my own anyway.

    Of course, it will be a long time coming, but a fellow has to dream.
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