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    Hi there,

    I thought I'd take some time to introduce myself on the forums.

    The name is Marc (Marc-André) I'm from Montreal and I'm new to the Smartphone frenzyness. The Pre is my first one and I've been using it for less than a week now. So far so good I would say.

    English is not my first language but I think I can get myself understood. So I may sometime sound funny, it's normal Hehe!

    Good to see this community looks healthy and growing!

    So there you go, I'm glad I've found some place to educate myself on this fun little device that is the Pre!
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    Hi Marc, and welcome Your written English is excellent.
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    Welcome aboard Marc! Let us know if there's any questions you have that need answering.
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    Welcome to Pre world, your life will never be the same.
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    Welcome! Your written English is better than some native speakers' written English (I do not mean anyone specific on this thread or this forum! -- this is just a generality that I have noticed over the years, ok?)

    Please feel free to ask questions 'cause lots of folks will be glad to answer.
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    Good to have you with us - the Pre is an amazing phone, and this site helps you to get the most out of it.
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    Thanks a bunch guys!

    I'll make sure to hit the forums whenever I am confused with this little piece of technology!

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