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    I was wondering. .. which website has the best and most recent comparitive reviews? I'm in the market for a DVD player and possibly a new camera. I have a Consumer Reports issue that rates DVD players, but I've learned that CR isn't the best place to get some of that stuff.

    Also, does anyone have any suggestions on a good DVD player? I'm looking relatively cheap.


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  2. #2 used to have comparative feature charts; I just checked and they still do even though it's now part of Not reviews, but of use anyway. (They do have user ratings, but those should probably be taken with a grain of salt.)

    I'm planning to get a DVD/VCR combo, myself.

    so, who suggested Consumer Reports wasn't a good resource for reviews? While I can't say their reviews mesh with my own opinions of some products, they have always been impartial and at the least, useful for identifying models you may not have been aware of.
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    I personally don't like CR for PDA Reviews - it's just too personal of a decision...

    try - I think they have the best user reviews.
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