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    Quote Originally Posted by redninja View Post
    He hasn't failed at anything yet.
    That's because he has not done one single thing, but blame other people one why he can't get things done. but wait if he keeps throwing money at it maybe it will just go away. Or he will get another Nobel peace prize for it.
    Just because your sitting behind a computer does not give you the right to be rude to other's, try being nice you'll get a lot farther in the forums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    Maybe you should read a little more. The democrats were the largest proponents of the war in Iraq and were the ones feeding the WMD frenzy (Go hilary! )
    For the record WMD does not have to mean "Assembled Weapon" it just means the ability to create mass destruction! They found many thousand tons of chemical compounds that could have been put in a projectile in a matter of minutes.
    In case you dont remember (seems to be a genetic trait of Democrats) we discussed and applied to the UN twice (3 months for Sadam to move and seperate the compounds) before The Democrats and Republicans decided to go in.
    its very difficult to participate in a discussion in which the one side is simultaneously both uninformed and yet swaggeringly ignorant of the history.
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    I read every post on this thread. I wish I hadn't. I feel sad for everyone who posted anything implying one party is better or worse than any other. Career politicians are bad for my world. That is all.

    Don't base everything you do in life on the fast track to the presidency, obama. Everyone who thinks he is a great man might want to ask themselves what makes a man great.

    24 hour cable news is trash.

    war is peace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redninja View Post
    oh man, maybe the republicans shouldn't of cried about transparency. The stand-off today was great. And I bet they wish it wasn't public now. All the right did was badger and the President handed them a **** whoopin like their mama's should have. Also, you guys that like to spew the teleprompter crap, can never, ever, spew it again. He outsmarted everyone of them with intelligent, on the spot, brutally honest responses. While they spewed dullard garble from their notes. Fox news can't even come in for a save here. I always thought they were lower on the intelligence food chain, but after this, I dont think they are even on the food chain. But like the old saying goes, "never underestimate stupid people in large numbers." And most of america seems to stumble into that group.
    Anyway, my hat goes off to him. I am proud today that he is my president. It took alot of balls to stand there and do what he did. Something I dont think noone has done before.

    If you want to sound intelligent, consider not saying "shouldn't of." Ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tennenho View Post
    If you want to sound intelligent, consider not saying "shouldn't of." Ever.
    Thank you sir, I will use shouldn't have from now on. It was life changing for you to bring that to my attention, and for this I am grateful. I cannot thank you enough for this, but really, you shouldn't of gone out of your way to help me. So again thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rem_kujawa View Post
    That's because he has not done one single thing, but blame other people one why he can't get things done. but wait if he keeps throwing money at it maybe it will just go away. Or he will get another Nobel peace prize for it.
    Well heres an interesting write up

    I have figured out The Problem With America Today. My inspiration was the recent one-year-later cover of Newsweek, which encapsulates the current conventional wisdom about President Obama in a single headline: YES HE CAN (BUT HE SURE HASN'T YET). Or, as Saturday Night Live put it, President Obama's two biggest accomplishments thus far are "Jack and Squat." You can find other versions of this perspective from Matt Lauer and David Gregory on NBC, from thousands of obnoxious bloggers, even from the hapless governor of New York.

    These days, the argument that Obama hasn't accomplished anything may be the only example of real bipartisanship in America.

    Here's the conventional wisdom in a single paragraph: Three hundred and sixty-four days after he was elected president, Obama is still stuck in Iraq, hasn't closed Guantánamo, is getting deeper into Afghanistan, hasn't accomplished health-care reform or slowed the rise in unemployment. His promises of bipartisanship are a punch line (see above). And there's still no peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. What a failure! What a splash of cold water in the face of all our bold hopes!

    But the conventional wisdom is insane. Consider the record:

    A week before he was sworn in, Obama jammed part two of the bank bailout down the throat of his own party — a $350 billion accomplishment.

    Two days after he was sworn in, Obama banned the use of "harsh interrogation" and ordered the closing of Guantánamo.

    A day later, Obama reversed George W. Bush's funding cutoff to overseas family planning organizations — saving millions of lives with the stroke of a pen.

    Three days after that, Obama gave a green light to the California car-emissions standards that Bush had been blocking for six years — an important step on the road to cleaner air and a cooler planet.

    Two weeks after that, Obama signed the stimulus bill — a $787 billion accomplishment.

    Ten days after that, Obama formally announced America's withdrawal from Iraq.

    A week later — we're in early March now — Obama erased Bush's decision to restrict federal funding for stem-cell research.

    In April and June, Obama forced Chrysler and GM into bankruptcy.

    In June, Obama reset the tone of our relations with the entire Arab world with a single speech — an accomplishment that the Bush administration failed to achieve despite a series of desperate PRPRPR $moves$ ($anyone$ $remember$ $Charlotte$ $Beers$?) $and$ $a$ &$quot$;$public$ $diplomacy$&$quot$; $budget$ $of$ $$1$ $billion$ $a$ $year$.

    Also in June, Obama unveiled the "Cash for Clunkers" program, a "socialist" giveaway that reanimated the corpse of our car industry — leading, for example, to the billion-dollar profit that Ford announced on Monday.

    I haven't even mentioned Sonia Sotomayor, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the order to release the torture memos, Obama's push for charter schools, his $288 billion tax cut, or the end of Bush's war on medical marijuana. Or the minor fact that he seems to have — with Bush's help, it must be said — stopped the financial collapse, revived the credit markets, and nudged the economy toward 3.5 percent growth in the last quarter.

    Oh, and one more thing: President Obama is now a month or two from accomplishing the awesome and seemingly impossible task that eluded mighty presidents like FDR, LBJ, and WJC — health-care reform.

    Read more: Obama Timeline - John H. Richardson's Timeline of Obama's First Year - Esquire
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flak1969 View Post
    LOL Obama Fan Boy
    I just want some hope cuase all I got left is change!!
    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post

    I dont care who you are thats funny!
    Lol, yeah that was pretty funny
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