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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Millions are fighting,
    and sincerely think for the 'just' cause.
    All the little people on the Left fighting for the Left.
    All the little people on the Right fighting for the Right.
    I'd like to see the majority of the people fighting for the United States, and the US Constitution.

    What you state (and is true amongst many) is the problem. Its all about what they want, regardless of whether it is Constitutional or practical even. I want X, Y or Z, and I damn well better get it, and anyone or anything in my way is my enemy.

    People with that attitude (whether I agree with what they want or not) are my opponents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    The Fed should do very little if even have a place to exist. If we didn't have troops in ~150 countries around the world I don't believe we would need much of a federal national defense group.

    As for local government..
    Cops, Courts and Roads. That's the size government should be.
    Local small governments are in touch with their constituents and govern best.
    The Law of Logical Argument: Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.
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