Ok, so I bought a couple new routers recently and I wanted to get some opinions or ideas about how to setup my network. It's already setup and whatnot, but it never hurts to hear other ideas.

DSL internet (been good enough so far)
3 full size laptops running Win7 (two Pro 64, one Home 32)
1 netbook running Win7 basic
2 desktops running XP.
2 Xbox's (one has the g wireless adapter, the other has the n)
1 Pre, but whatever.

2 wireless G routers (1 is ddwrtable)
3 wireless N routers (2 are ddwrtable)

should i just do one router and be done with it?

get into bridges?

anything i should do for the Xbox's and gaming bandwidth?

just let me know what you guys think would be the ideal setup/settings.