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    This thought occurred to me after seeing the iPad announcement. If the iPad were to succeed in any significant way, would Apple then attempt to completely re-build the laptop/desktop software ecosystem as it exists today?

    Think about it.. in theory, if people were willing to adopt the iTunes software distribution model on devices larger than handheld portables, could that be parlayed into new Macbooks and even desktop Macs? I'm envisioning Apple shifting the traditional software model to "professional" systems for higher end and business applications while shifting all consumer-level products to the iTunes software model. All software purchases for consumer level machines are done through iTunes, Apple gets a cut of ALL of them. This would be an ideal financial utopia for Apple as they would be reaping profits from all software, music, movie and ebook sales for all their consumer line products.. imagine.

    Maybe I'm paranoid but it sure sounds plausible to me
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    Well I'd have to say in this case apple won't be the cause of any paradigm shift. Sure they did so in America with the iPhone in the phone market, but they had a product that was reasonably advanced and took the idea that it should be dumb simple if it's that small.

    The problem is their product got bigger and had more potential but their sticking with the dumb simple instead of any mix between useful/portable.

    I'm sure it's either going to come down to Google's OS or Microsoft's Courier in this race and their going to be the ones influencing the change.

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