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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Agreed. If you bought a netbook to do multitasking then you will probably not be happy with the iPad. If you even know what multitasking is then you definitely don't want to want to use an iPad as your primary computer. That only leaves 95% of the worlds population as potential iPad buyers who may looking to do browsing, reading, email, games and other specific apps in an elegant way for as little as $499.
    Cause 95% of america is simply used to closing their webbrowser when an email comes in. And noone listens to their own music when playing games. Who ever sees a article and wants to share it with friends via Email? Who doesnt like having multiple browsers open at the same time? Your making an excuse for apple leaving multitasking out. I'm sure it will come soon, the demand you say most people wouldnt notice is being brought up on cnn, huffingtonpost, tech blogs and various MAINSTREAM websites. Seems like enough people care about it. Too bad with apples 50billion in revenue they couldnt free up some engineers to make it happen.
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    Just back in town, so I'm not sure if this has been posted or not....but it's hilarious.

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    no multitasking = no browsing on the couch and haveing twitter oder instant messaging in the background. this should be a no go for most. it's to big to ćarry around, if i have to take my bag with me, i can easly fit my 11inch laptop in it.

    so this thing is something you use while sitting on the couch, so no im and surfing in one might work on a smartphone (not for me, thus i never owned an iphone) but for a surfing machine?

    also no flash for a surfing machine? no thx.
    no cam for augmented reality apps? no thx.
    no usb? no thx
    no hd + sound output? no thx (with the vga adapter you can get 720p, but you don't get the sound, with the sound adapter you only get 480p... that's far from hd)
    no stylus input? no thx, the pens for capacitive touchscreens are abysmal

    for me the ipad is a big picture frame.

    i hate closed platforms, so i would never buy an a)pple mobile device, i have a second gen ipod nano, but at the time i bought that, i had no idea what was out there. now i would get a zune hd or creative zen with xi-fi technology.

    so i'm waiting for ms courier, there is a prototype video, they just have to shrink it down and refine the os a little, don't know if they ever do that, but i would buy one, and hope it's not as closed an OS as apples iphone os is.
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    I'm not finding any positive press on this product. Anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Micael View Post
    I'm not finding any positive press on this product. Anyone?
    Nope I haven't found anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    I disagree with this entirely. Try surfing 2 websites while listening to music. Try sharing a cool article with friends via email and messaging without losing your place. Try watching a movie, get a message and while typing, take a call. Your either fustrated @ that point with your 650 or your time is not as valuable as mine. In which case I guess multitasking isn't important.

    maybe you say if I wanna do that I'll just use my laptop, so great now you get to carry 2 devices.
    Or my personal favorite (and most used) multitasking example, Pandora and Sprint Navigation. I am absolutely blown away that the iPad can't multi-task, there is no way the hardware can't handle it!
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    I saw this and thought it was brilliant. Enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micael View Post
    I'm not finding any positive press on this product. Anyone?
    i found on in germany, spiegel online had one article that put the ipad on a pedastal with false claims ala "wifi everywhere without having to pay for an internet connection" think they mistook 3g (ehich is by no means free) for this.

    and then 4 articles that trashed it mostly.

    this thing could be useful to get older people into the tech-age, but i would not buy one for my grandpa, he would just drop it...

    and from what i gather, the typing ergonomy is abysmal, when you dont have the dock with the keyboard. there is only one position where i could see me typing some kind of comfortably on that thing, and i don't think old people could get into this position xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex.dobeck View Post
    Nope I haven't found anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidra View Post
    Just back in town, so I'm not sure if this has been posted or not....but it's hilarious.

    Brilliant !!

    (my staff meetings are just like that).
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    The iPad is just an oversized iPod Touch IMO. Looking at this from a college student's perspective, I see no purpose in this at all. My iPod Touch allows me to do the basic necessities such as check my email and kill downtime in between classes without having something extra to throw in my backpack where space is precious. For anything more I have a laptop which I rarely bring to school anymore thanks to my iPod. I'll easily say no thanks to the iPad.
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    I'm gonna laugh so hard when the iPhone dev team comes out with a jailbreak for it
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    I'm not Apple fan boy. The importance of multi-tasking is depend on what are the consumer wants. For example, people could watch TV in their computer , but they would prefer a single task TV. Many hot items are for single task like Triva, Slingbox.. etc. People will spend hundreds of dollar buying books for one purpose-reading. They do not think they should not buy that hard-cover book when they could download to their computer.

    Therefore, whether IPAD will succeed or not is highly depend on how it could bring the reading "experience"to the user. If it could totally mimic the true reading experience, then it will succeed. One could not judge IPAD only by its configuration because the "software" is the soul of that gadget. Considering WM is a worse smartphone OS when it has everythings and you will understand what I mean.

    Most netbooks do not have touchscreen or they are heavy when they have. Or too complicated. I think there is a market because I myself have been trying to find a touch screen netbook , with a user-friendly reading program for a very long time.
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