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    just tried dominoes new pizza after being away from it for so many years because exactly what the stereotype was, it tasted like cardboard. well tried it today and the crust was improved but so dry and the sauce was so spicy . and i dont mean like alittle spicy, i mean wow, i didnt know i was eating hooters wings as a pizza. i actually tried oatmeal cookies and milk to see if that cools it down and it didnt even help at all. wound up taking a prevacid cause i dont tommorro is not gunna be pretty.

    well, i told them even if you didnt have that offer for the money back i still would have called, but i live in an apartment complex and right now its raining hard but before it rained i threw the entire 2 boxes in the dumpster because even the smell of it was not great. they want me to retrieve the boxes in the dumpster to get my money back and said it specifically back to me like that even after i explained it to them and yes it was the manager. well, let you know what corporate said later. but atleast my get together party wasnt totally ruined

    thank you mytether
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    I've had the new domino's pizza multiple times since they updated the recipe, and I've had quite the opposite experience. All the delicious, none of the diarrhea. Then again, I loved the old domino's too. To each their own.
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    We ordered Domino's twice this week, really liked it, no issues.
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    Also liked it, not spicy at all, much better than before.
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    funny they censor j-e-w but they dont censor diarreah
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    what the hell is wrong with your local dominoes??? thats terrible lmao, spicy suace

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