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    I have a friend who wants to put some video on a web site (he's a hip hop artist and has some live footage). What is the cheapest way to do this and what should he be looking for? (ie. does he need to find a web server that has special servers or does he just embed them in html?)

    right now he just has the video in digital format on his camera but he has a mac with something called imovie on it...

    sorry these questions are so vague. i know nothing about the topic.

    any help appreciated.


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    I am not a "maccy", but I am pretty sure that Imovie can export to Quicktime format. With that format, you do not have to have anything special on the server, but if you want it to stream instead of download then you do. IIRC the windows file extension for QT files is .MOV.

    I think you can do roughly the same thing with RealPlayer, but you will have to get thier RealProducer software (I think there is a free and Pro version). Using this, you can make a .RAM file and embed that in your HTML, but with out the benifit of thier RealServer the streaming will really stink.
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    I believe Apple even assigns free webspace to each customer for such things...Have him check the APPLE site and his system for info.

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