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    A very close friend of mine is about to go through a divorce and will be moving into his own apartment soon. He will be taking with him an old computer that his daughter used before going away to college but has to leave the printer there for his (soon) ex-wife.
    He has asked me to help him find an "all-in-one" machine, printer, scanner, fax, etc. I know next to nothing about them as I personally don't like them and would rather have all separate machines. But it is not my choice.
    If anyone has used these or currently uses one, please give me some opinions as to what you use and your thoughts about them. This will help to point me in the right direction for my research.
    Many thanx in advance as I know that the people here love to help.
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    I havn't used it, but I saw a Lexmark combo machine in Wal-Mart the other day for $150, I know it scans, prints and copies, not sure about the fax, but looked pretty useful.

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