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    I'm looking to buy a combo card reader primarily fo CF SD and MS. I would prefer one that has individual slots for each type of card - not the single slot w/adapters. Anyone have a reader they would like to recommend? Thanks.
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    I have tried 2 such devices from They were pretty generic and gave me some problems when I tried to install them, and one gave me a few headaches to make run.

    On the other hand, my new Zio reader is WONDERFUL! It is a single card reader, but I bet their multi-readers are as good.

    In fact, I would trust any of the 'branded' units- SanDisk, Memorex, Kodak, Lexar, Dane-Electric, etc. I found some Dane-Electrics at a good price at but I do not recall if they had multi-card units.
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    I agree with Madkins comments. I also have a combo reader from, a USB Reader for CF and SM. It detected the CF everytime I put it in there but the SM slot is a little touchy. On my new computer, it won't even detect them at all so again, I would avoid getting a card reader at Card, yes w/o hesitation; card reader, no.

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    I hear this is supposed to be good

    Goes into a 3.5" drive bay (the ones normally used for floppies)
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    I have a dual slot Card Reader made by PQI. I actually got it from Madkins007 in a trade he and I worked out. While it is possible that this is one of the ones he had trouble with, it has worked perfect for me.

    It has two slots, one for CF and one for SM. In addtion, it is external and connects via USB. The company has Drivers available for Download that work on XP and it has been great so far.

    They have a really sweet Reader out now that takes 05 different media types, unfortunately, MemoryStick is not one of them.
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