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    I am looking for an easy method to reorder a series of photos in random order. I do a slide show for the school I work at. Teachers provide me with from various activities throughout the year, I put them together with music in PowerPoint.

    Thing is, the pictures are in order, so the activities are all together. I want to have the pictures randomly organized so similar events are not together.

    I can do this manually, but with 400+ pictures the renaming process takes a while.

    Anyone aware of a utility or SW package that would do the reordering for me?


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    Sorry, I can't help. Just so you know, I don't believe the file name has anything to do with how pictures are arranged. I would have thought that was the case, but learned it's the date taken instead. There are programs that can change picture dates, but I'm pretty sure you won't find one to change them randomly in a batch. Good luck though...
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    maybe sort them by filesize, select all pics > right click > rename files... it will rename all the files in the order its displayed.

    all the pictures dont have same file sizes, even if its the same day/camera.

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