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    looks like they moved it. I don't want to start a thread and don't have time to search for this...

    I just saw another Pre Plus in the airport, and I practically tackled thee guy. He had it a few months and said he liked it but was still learning... Never heard of PreCentral. I showed him about 10 patches and wouldn't let him walk away until he promised to visit precentral, get preware, etc.

    I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy...
    Yeah, they moved the thread that night.

    And yes, i have NO DOUBT the guy in the airport thinks you're crazy, lol lol.

    That reminds me; they hired somebody new where i work. I noticed he had a Pre because i heard the stock "da-doink" sound.
    I was afraid to ask him if he's on PreCentral because i didn't want him to know he was talking to the infamous dbd.

    So i didn't ask.
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