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    I am planning on gettgin a new motherboard and processor, probably some kind of Duron or Athlon.

    What I am not so sure of is this: I have PC 100 RAM, will that be ok with say a Duron 850 or up? Do I need to get DDR?

    Also, is there a big performance difference in the Athlon and Duron?

    What other little compatibility thing sshould I be aware of?


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    Dell's got a great deal today on a P4 1.6Ghz 128mb PC w/GeForce 2 64mb ddr video out card, CDRW, NIC and Modem for $449 w/ free shipping. How much is a processor/motherboard/memory cost (and possibly other periferals) ?

    I saw this deal via slickdeals this morning:

    Didn't know if you really had your heart set on AMD, but this is a great deal.
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    I have seen some AMD/MOBO's (@850 mhz) combos for like $180...

    Looks good,IFI can keep all my other parts.

    I always have trouble remembering...can I use slower ram with faster bus speeds? i.e., PC100 RAM on a 200 FSB system?

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    Good place for info on memory is:

    I decided last December to upgrade my computer system. I've got a great chassis and power supply. ATX format.

    If I'm going to the effort of replacing the motherboard and chipset, I want the latest.

    Found out that a motherboard with a PIII 1ghz is more money than a P4. Also the P4 would require a new power supply. Factor in also a new hard drive.

    I required Windows XP Professional since I need to start working with ASP/VBVBVB.$Net$($I$ $develop$ $Windows$ $Apps$ $at$ $work$).

    I looked at Dell's refurbished units. You can get good deals there, most systems had XP Home. This would require the $100 upgrade(Educational discount). Plus add in shipping at ~$95.

    I waited for Dell's promotional discounts and found 256meg memory for the price of 128 and free shipping. This was close to a $170 discount.

    So I ended up ordering a new unit with just the specific options, 256meg,40gig drive, NIC card, no modem or speakers, and XP Professional.

    Made sense for me to get a new unit from Dell rather that build my own.

    For others, it depends on what they want and/or need. Bottom line is to price out all options and pick the best soution for you.
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    There is a performance difference between the two chips that makes a difference for gaming and graphics. You cannot usually use older RAM with newer mobo's (you can use faster RAM with a lower bus, but not vice versa). You wouldn't want to, at any rate.
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