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    1.- Groups
    2.- First Round matchs
    3.- Official poster
    4.- Official Soccer ball JABULANI (in zulu language)
    Come to bring happiness to everybody

    Who will be next world fifa soccer 2010 champion? I invite you to vote?
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    I uploaded this video on youtube of the SOCCER WORLD CUP 2010 GROUPS

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    I notice that this year there is no real "Group of Death." Interesting.

    USA has an excellent chance to advance, so that's good.

    I read an article on ESPN that the altitude will definitely affect ball velocity and distance this year, according to tests carried out by Adidas.
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    Yeah, Johannesburg, in the centre of the Highveld, is at 1,740 m (5,709 ft): I think most teams have to get there early to adapt them.

    Maybe the group of Brazil/Portugal is a tough group. I expect surprises in this world cup 2010.

    USA/ENGLAND will be and excellent match. Both will pass the next round for sure.
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    with the furor of the whole world cup, fixing games in the prelims.. they should scrap the whole bloody thing.. put someone else in charge of the damn prelims and do it all again next year.. sorry.. but cheating is cheating.. no matter how you look at it
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    I just hope Mexico can win over South Africa... First game too. athere will be surprises this world cup
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    We need a WebOS app for this.

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