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    As I lovingly cradle an aging VDX, I consider that my future may well be with a tablet PC instead of a revved up PDA.

    As I ruminate, the potential of the ViewSonic 1000 ( tablet weighs heavily on me. A color touch screen...a fully functioning operating system running a real productivity suite using a processor who's power I can easily grasp ....wireless connectivity....and a cool factor that is almost unbearable. Sure it costs more (around $1000)...but if it qualifies as a desktop replacement (in the sense that the kids can play on the family computer after dinner and I can sit on the couch and read and write emails and surf the web with my tablet) then it is well worth the cost.

    No, it can't fit in my pocket, but so what? I am going to continue ruminating this and invite you to join me....
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    Yeah, but can you change channels with it?
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    Originally posted by dampeoples
    Yeah, but can you change channels with it?
    And I thought I was getting away scott-free. Well...its not like I would be throwing the VDX and OmniRemote away. Funny how the VDX+OmniRemote still outperforms the Sony Multiremote gizmo that costs $179.
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    Sounds like this thing will work better for you, as you actually wanna do some work on your piece! My PDA needs include a ton of phone numbers, a schedule and a whole lotta RPG. I am finding more and more uses for it in the bits and pieces category, though. Good luck.
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    I keep looking at used Fujitsu Stylistics on ebay. They're only suitable for Win95/98 (or Linux if you want to fiddle w/ drivers), but with a wireless connection they look like a great way to roam around and do 'simple' things. I wouldn't take one with me to work (my laptop rarely goes in) 'cause my Visor handles what I need it to there. Them Viewsonics are sure pretty though....
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    I really don't see a place for TabletPC, other than the vertical market. The form factor is too large, and there really is no way to carry a TPC with..on your body. Still, it does have some advantages. It runs full blown Windows XP instead of a dumbed down Win32 derivative.

    I think the one device that EVERYONE will carry is going to be the cell phone/Smartphone. PDAs may be relegated to niche status.
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    Way too heavy for me. They'd have to get it down to around 2 lbs for me to even consider it as a PDA replacement. Still, I admit that it's pretty cool.

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