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    Don't we need to draw a distinction between a phone and a smartphone. If you need your kid to have phone access can't you just pick up a basic brick from wal mart for like $50?

    smartphones seem to be about fitting in with the crowd and having the latest gadget, surely there are simpler ways for your kids to be contactable?
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    Got to agree here, i have two step kids, the oldest got an iphone from his dad,, lolol welllll 600 bucks later in the first month.... Daddy came to me and asked me to ummm help pay the bill... i suggested that he should have asked me prior to getting the phone for him if i thought it was a good idea,, so no,,, he could pay it... saying that,, i think heck i know it has eased my wifes mind considerably when she can pick up the phone and call her daughter or her son.. when they are with us, they have access to two prepaid phones, no internet, just local calls and texting PERIOD. The boy has a gf and he used up 20 bucks of his ppd phone in one go lolol.. then told me the phone was broken.. lolol yes they are helpful, should they replace normal interaction with peers and others heck no... i agree with the whole no damn cells in school. leave it in your locker,, heck.. you could even actually just talk to your friends, or wow is that too damn old fashioned. lol
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    My kid's school allows cellphones in the classroom, just on vibrate, and they are not allowed to use them at all. (except in math, they can use the calculator function if needed) I like the idea of them having their phones available in class, just in case another Columbine-like incident occurs. After extensively talking to my daughter about different scenarios, she knows that if something like that happens at her school, then the soonest safe possible moment, if at all, she is to send me an alert that she is ok. Otherwise, I'd be wringing my hands like all the other parents who had to wait for the school to come out of lock-down.
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    All it is, is technology. I am sure back in the days parents were asking other parents the same question about why their 16 yr old needed a car, or their own T.V. in their room. I remember when it was a big deal to have your own personal teenline in your room. Phone company even gave out your own business cards to give to your friends and then their were pagers. Your child really doesn't need it, but why not use it as a learning opportunity, teach responsibility, and show them the value of a dollar, especially if they are using a cheap prepaid phone. It's not whether or not the kids want one, it's about if the parents want to take on something that they will be using in the future. Set some rules. My 8 yr old has one, and he is very responsible with it. He never calls his friends with it, just us, his grandma and grandpa. He's learned a great deal from it. He doesn't need it, but it so happens that he got one. So I used the opportunity.
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    Shame on me, I have only read the last page. Here is what I have done, I bought my 12yr old son a Pre. My wife and I both have Pre's, my son spends about 1 hr collectively @ home alone per day (no land line) 15-20 @ a time. Reason for having a cell phone. Reason for having a "nice" phone: he is a very responsible kid. He has always taken great care of electronics, toys, etc. My wife and I spoke about it and we decided that we would like for him to have a nice phone for his Bday. ( it was the only thing he wanted ) lol And he did start with a pre paid phone.
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    A legitimate reason would be safety.

    With all the news of school shootings, kidnappings, bus accidents, pedophiles, etc...if I don't trust my kid in the school he/she is attending....I would definitely give him a cell phone. I wouldn't give him a smart phone but rather a basic phone.

    Think of it like this....if you've given your grandparents a cell phone for safety....why not your children?
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