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    Finally I upgraded my 28k8 dailup to broadband at home
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    After I got BroadBand I kept asking myself the same question...

    Why, oh why, did I not do this sooner?
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    I upgraded to broadband during a largely unfortunate stint with an ill conceived internet business. It was really cool, having both broadband (paid for by the company) and PCanywhere to access my home machine from work and vice-versa (anyone who says that they prefer "leaving work at work" must enjoy those unanticipated trips back and forth to get files, refer to email, etc.).

    Every cable system in the country is obligated, by federal law, to provide subscribers with an economy grade t.v. service covering only channels 2-13, for a nominal fee (in my case it is $8.95/mo). Often times they don't even mention this in their promotional material (you must specify "economy grade" as opposed to basic cable). In my case, the cable company botched the job and provided me with full basic service for the economy-grade price. Ha! I am such a chisler.

    Anyway, the web company went bust (shocked?) and I was unable to kick the broadband habit. So now I pay $44/mo for broadband plus the $8.95/mo for cable. Not a bad deal!

    Don't necessarily try this at home!

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