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    With two young kids I am spending a fortune at the video store every month. I was reading about Netflix (, which charges $20 a month for all the DVDs that you can watch. Is anyone else using Netflix? It seems like a real deal, unless there is an interminable wait for choice movies, or some hidden evil costs associated that don't show up until you register...

    And if you have already switched to Netflix, have you truly said goodbye to your local video store?
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    There's a slashdot article with the good and the

    Me, I would probably use it if we had a dvd... I've got a friend who has it and loves it.
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    I used to use Netflix back when it was 4 cds and less money per month .

    It was good except that then they raised the price to like 20 a month for 3 dvds at a time. And before they had an honor system where you said you mailed it back and then they would mail you the next one. Now that is no longer.

    Plus, transit time was 3 days from west coast to east coast.

    Try it out ... but you have to be patient for new releases...

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    I'm NOT a netflix user myself (we don't quite rent enough per month to warrant it) but I have friends that do use it.

    It's basically a way to always have a movie lying around to watch. It's not like the video store, where you can go and pick a movie and have that instant gratification. You basically create a list of movies you want to see and they send you the next available title on your list. Sometimes that's your first choice, sometimes it's not.

    Regardless, you can always have 2 DVDs out at a time with one in transit, so it's convenient to have a movie to watch whenever you are in the mood.
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    We've had netflix for about 18 months and love the service. If you watch a lot of movies, it's definately the way to go. If you have a habit of stretching a movie out over several nights (we watch when the 2 year old allows us), it's the way to go too.

    Our list includes movies that we've always wanted to see, but never felt like spending money on at Blockbuster. I've caught up on quite a few of the classics and foreign films. They've gotten better at stocking more of the new releases too. It used to take weeks to get a new release to be available, but now it's pretty easy to get one.

    Not having a return deadline is great too. We watch the movies as we can get to them. No rushing. We've held some discs 6+ months at times. You do have to plan ahead though. If there is a movie we just HAVE to see, usually we end up back a Blockbuster to rent it.

    If you figure $20 is 4 rentals at Blockbuster, we more than get out moneys worth out of Netflix.
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    I actually was not that impressed. First of all, as mentioned above, being on the east coast creates a problem, as it would consistently take a week from the time I returned a disc until I got the next one on my list.

    This only exacerbates the problem that as a cost saver, the idea of no late fees is really just a different way of billing. In order to get your money's worth, you have to watch them as quickly as possible and ship em back. I found it a chore to get to the break even point (as compared to going locally).

    Just my $.02, though.
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    Apparently they just opened a distribution facility in Worcester Mass, so the west coast delivery aspect may be (or soon be) moot.
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    do you have a link?

    i couldnt find anything on netflix' site
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    Its referred to in user feedback at slashdot. Do a work search on Worcester at
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    I've been using Netflix for almost two years now and will NEVER again go to a video store. Their service is excellent. I have never had to wait more than three days for a disc. I find the convenience is well worth it.

    Try it; I'm sure that you'll give up brick & mortar stores for rentals.
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    I joined on Saturday, placed my orders, and my first videos arrived in the mail on Monday. Can't beat that. The videos came out of Worcester, MA. I am in Maine. I guess we've answered that question.

    So far so good!
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    I found the service to be a big waste of money. I signed up a couple of months ago and just quit last week. I ended up paying $60 to watch about 7 movies. We're lucky if we can find the time to watch one movie a week and at that rate, it's just not worth it.
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    I wonder how long the shipping times are to MN?
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    Originally posted by Tyrone Slothrop
    I found the service to be a big waste of money.
    Time will, of course, tell but with small children I am quite sure we will recoup our money in just a couple weeks. I've already shipped back the original Godzilla and something called Vampire Boy. Once we get our next two we will basically have covered our costs -- in under a week.
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    My roommate joined NetFlix when he was traveling >20 weeks a year. Worked like this:
    Create big list of movies you're curious about, like to watch or think you should.
    Let three or four pile up. Throw them in the laptop case on way out of the house.
    Watch movies on laptop DVD drive on airplane, in hotel room, wherever.
    Drop used movies in next available mailbox anywhere (return postage guaranteed).
    Expect pile of new discs waiting when you return.

    Now, his schedule has calmed down a lot, and we reworked
    the list a little- more import/art house/anime/obscure stuff even our TiVo can't get us: Titus, Le Dernier Combat, Run Lola Run, Pi.

    And dumb stuff for those rainy Saturday afternoons: Dr. Doolittle 2, Legally Blonde, anything by Alan Smithee.

    Always nice to have something on top of the TV to fall asleep to.

    Of course, living in San Mateo, we could drop the discs off ourselves...

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    We split a membership with a couple of close friends. Here in MN, signed up on Sat night, first discs arrived today, Wed. Not bad. Hopefully I'll get my ten bucks/month worth.
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    Interesting... thanks for the pointer.

    I don't think I'll subscribe, but I do find it intriguing. The main reason is that my DVD watching is spotty -- I watch 3 in a week some weeks, and then none for a few weeks after that.

    Also, I have a video store nearby (Scarecrow Video) which I am seriously in love with -- I've been going there for over a decade. An unbelievable selection, including tons of foreign, indie, psychotrnoic and rare stuff that you have to leave a deposit to view (e.g., The Firesign Theater's J-Men Forever on VHS).

    Also a lot of non-Region 1, PAL DVDs -- which I actually get, mostly for BBC series, American stuff that's made it to England but not the US, and all those 90's Godzilla films. (Love 'em. I find them very relaxing to watch.)

    But, if you're not living in North Seattle, and are particularly in a remote area, NetFlix looks pretty darn good.
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    Hehe...I am loving Netflix. Just finished watching 1978's Battlestar Galactica. Remember when Starbuck was an action hero and not a cup of java? Ah, but for the good old days.
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    Originally posted by Keefer Lucas
    Just finished watching 1978's Battlestar Galactica. Remember when Starbuck was an action hero and not a cup of java? Ah, but for the good old days.
    Glen Larson... now there was a man who wasn't afraid to re-use the same special effects footage over and over and over again...
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    "And he died like he lived: with his mouth wide open."
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    I like Netflix's library -- they have a lot of films you'll never find at Blockbuster's. Also, the fact you don't have a deadline to finish a film is good, and working through the mail is very convenient for me. And yeah, I have gone on trips with a stack of NetFlix DVDs and envelopes. Less to fret about when packing for home.
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