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    Its that season again here in the NorthEast, and i need advice on a digital music player thats portable. Im going to be falling a lot, seeing as its my second season riding, but im going to be riding a lot. I would use the player all the time, on the bus for school, on the bus for the ski trip...and so on, so battery life is important. I wouldnt mind it being mp3, but i need memory. I cant live with 128...thats just not enough. I recently found out ripping music to WMA format was efficient (3.5mb for a 7 minute song). But is the sound quality of WMA that great? I tried burning the three WMA songs i ripped to see what they sounded like, seemed fine. So yeah, mp3 is a plus...but it needs to be small. I saw this one you could wear on your neck, 2 ounces or something??? But that only had 128mb of ram. I wouldnt mind buying a removable media format, like SD or MMC. I already have a 64mb compact flash card but the player i found didnt seem that i need your help. I know we have a load of digital techno geeks up in here (im one too!) that would know the perfect player for me.

    Oh yeah, keep it under 200 bucks? Im not that rich!

    Thanks a lot.

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    Nex II from uses CF cards, $109

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