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    Is there some sort of "ahem" control panel to set USB speed? I can't seem to fins one and my Visor, printer and cameras take forever to transfer. Thanks,
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $USB$ $is$ $as$ $slow$ $as$ $the$ $slowest$ $device$ $on$ $the$ $chain$/$hub$. $You$ $can$'$t$ '$set$' $it$ $to$ $anything$.
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  3. #3 (you have to sign in with your AppleID or sign up for one; it's free) -- especially this one.

    It could also be the OS X implementation of the USB drivers, or maybe you're using the Classic environment when using these devices; I've heard that can slow things down.
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    Thanks for the link - I suppose I could have looked that up...

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