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    so i've had quite a few palms, and now have a pre. All I can really ask is ''am I the only one who feels like a first time user on a computer when trying to type?????'' I can't be the only one who is hoping for someone to release some patch or even a peripheral qwerty keyboard for my pc? It just sit at my pc and stare at the keyboard at times thinking how much easier it would be to have a portrait qwerty keyboard blueetoothed to my pc, or usb, or even a use for my old centro or 650 (the letters are all wore off BUT I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE! Lol and I still 'hunt and peck' with a full sized keyboard..... I can't be the only one who loves the qwerty keyboard and thinks if everything is suppose to be getting smaller and more efficient why not? Why not. Actually, why not a netbook tablet with a 7in screen and a bluetooth qwerty that stores in the side like some of those fancy mice do????
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    Well, for one, it's not really good for your fingers/muscles to type on a cramped keyboard all day long, every day. I don't now if you're the only one but I'm pretty fast on a regular sized keyboard without looking at the buttons, just takes practice.

    Then again, there are some solutions for mini bluetooth keyboards; look for the "LG LBA-C300" for example.
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    hmmmmm, so your saying that the qwerty could be the cause of my arthritis? Think I have a case? Lol

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