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    I am in the process of creating a website like this one but on the topic of Macs. I started working on it about a week ago and need people who are interested in helping. I am interested in people willing to write both news articles and reviews as well as having the option of moderating a discussion forum. Right now I am also looking for someone interested in doing some graphic design mostly to create a logo and whatever other graphic work that needs to be done, as well as someone with php/mysql experience. Since the site is still very young you will have a great deal of influence over it, how it looks and the user experience. I currently have one other person helping me with it and would like to get a group of 4 or 5 more. If you are interested either reply here or send me an e-mail,

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    So, you are building a site, but need help with building it, designing it, writing for it, programming it, databasing it, and designing logos for it?

    So...what are you doing?

    I think it's a fine idea, but note that there are a LOT of good, established mac sites out there already.
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    I see your point but, it is built for the most part, I need to finsih a few scripts which I am planning to do over the next week. I have a layout that I like but it is still open to change. I suck at graphics which is really what I need help with besides writing articles. I am presenting this to you guys first because I like this community but if know one is interestred I will take my offer elsewhere.

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    The site is almost done and I would like some feedback if you guys are willing to provide it. I can take a good bashing if you have solid reasoning behind it.
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    I would love to offer feedback. Post a link when you are ready.
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    Sorry, thought I had posted that,
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    It's OK. The color's and layout seem a bit random. There is really nothing that makes this site really stand out.

    You're hard-coding all of your font tags. Switch over to CSS. It's a lot more flexible. You are also choosing Arial and Helvetica as your two main screen fonts. These look like crap on a Mac, and there are better options for the PC, as well. At the very least, put Verdana at the beginning of the list.

    Use some cellspacing in your tables. You are crowding all of your text in the color-bars.

    Your links are the same color as the text...a little hard to decipher.

    You are using Tex as the Darwin icon...that's not right, is it?

    There are some punctuation problems and typos in your text...but I assume that this is just placeholder text for now...

    I don't see how you plan on archiving content, or how you'd get to that content once archived.

    It's an admirable undertaking. Unfortunately, there are a TON of sites that are pretty much already doing what you are putting you have to try that much harder to be better than them. Good luck!
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
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    Some tips maybe.

    Definately some cell spacing.

    Maybe a grey background, would make the tables stand off a little more.

    Get some separation space between the center items and the ones to the left. The are bunched up and blend into each other.

    Go to, register and go to the Judge and Jury section. They will be brutally honest and incredibly helpful.

    Good Luck.
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    Thanks for the feedback so far. I started writing the php code this past weekend and am not done which is why things like archiving old messages are not setup. Thanks again for the feedback and I hope to see you over there when it opens for real.


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