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    Thoughts and prayers go out to those killed and wounded today, and to their families, at Fort Hood.
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    I was stationed there for 3 years. It is fricken HUGE. Lots of wide open ranges. I hope they catch this other guy.

    We had a NCO accidentally take home some heavy weapons on the friday of a 4 day weekend. The whole base was on lock down, no leaving the barracks. When the realized what happened they had assembled a military swat team and tons of MP's at the guys house. Poor fella woke up to "Come out with your hands up" and dozens of guns pointed at his house.....the 240's were in his trunk....he put them in his POV to make the trip from the motor pool to the armory quicker and somehow forgot about them. Crazyness....weird seeing it on TV though...
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    My brother was there about a year ago after coming back from 'the sandbox'. I am sorry for those who lost their loved ones, and I am very fortunate I am not amongst them.
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    Such tragic news! RIP.
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    Very sad and weird for me to see, I was stationed there back in the 1980s. God bless the victims and their families.
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