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    "...First of all, most apps aren't the wild successes that you've heard stories about. In fact, according to a recent study, if you are not in the top 1000 (or 1 percent of) apps, you aren't going to be installed on more than 1.67 percent of iPhones and iPods. That same study said that only 20 percent of all apps ever get more than a few downloads...."

    PC World
    App Store Hits 100,000 Apps -- Does Apple See the Irony? - PC World
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    The app store may have a majority of junk, but it is leaps and bounds better than anything else imo
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    This really isn't much different from the classic "Palm Economy" that let Palm rule the roost for so many years. The only draw back to the Apple model seems to be the same as the new Palm model: they place so many restrictions on what apps can or can't do that really useful apps are harder to create and distribute.
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