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    Wow! That was a spectacular game. I was rooting for NE because I don't like the Ram's style of creaming other teams, beyond creaming point (the onside kick against the Jets comes to mind). MY cousin who lives in Boston says he's not happy because now he can't make fun of them anymore.

    What were the best commercials?

    The Levis one with the guy dancing,
    The Budwiser one where the guy slides accross the bed,
    and the mLife one where they show all the belly buttons and at the end say something about cordless.

    There were more, I just don't remember.

    Also, what do you think about Pat Summeral's departure?

    "One word sums up probably the responsibility of any vice president, and that one word is 'to be prepared'.
    -Dan Quayle
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    gotta love em, It's not over yet, We'll see how the pats will get picked apart in the off season, trades, etc. where's bledsoe going, will warren sapp stay in tampa, Chris Carter retiring? any more coaching changes, schedule the draft.... I love this game about pat sumerall I ended up turning the TV down and putting on the radio, the radio folks described the game a whole lot better and they were more into it than the those two, you gotta love them but i think their best years are behind them.
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    Wow, GREAT GAME! I was driving through boston last night, and there were fireworks everywhere, and people on the streets were going CRAZY! The parade tomorrow is supposed to be a mob scene as most kids are taking the day off from school, and lots of people are taking the day off from work to go see it.
    I personally belive that John Madden and Pat Summeral (however you spell it) have seen their last superbowl. They didn't report on the game for any useful time except to give useless statistics. And the fact that Madden kept on changing his oppinion on who was going to win? They have served their time well, but I belive that it is the end of the line for them.
    Besides that, it was a great game, and although it looked like the patriots were falling apart near the end, they came through.

    GO PATS!

    BEN (for-once proud boston sports fan)

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