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    Google Voice - Telemarketers

    Is anyone else having trouble with telemarketers calling your Google Voice number? I just got my Google Voice number a few weeks ago and I have not given it out to anybody. Over the past two days I've had to block 5 numbers. Each time I Google the phone number calling me and it turns out to be anything from a prerecorded message on obtaining small business loans to offshore pharmacies.
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    I haven't had that problem. I entered my number in the Do Not Call registry. That might help.
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    I have had Google Voice for over a year, and it just recently started. I am even getting SMS messages on it now too. Sure glad I have an unlimited text plan. I am wondering if putting it in the do not call list would help any.
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    I just registered my Google Voice Number at the Do Not Call Registry.

    I think SMS message spam is going to get real big over the next year or so. What can you do if some guy from Indonesia is spamming you with SMS messages with a dummy callback numbers.
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    No.... had my google voice even when it was Grand Central and no issues with that.... sorry.

    Maybe luck of the draw with the number. You do know numbers are recycled, don't you?

    Cell phone companies are pretty good at stopping spam. When the info is sent, there is always a trail to the sender... the sender always want to make money. Cell phone companies sue the crap out of people... unlike email spam where there is not one company to stand up for you. Not to mention, cell phone comanies have their own spam lists...

    SMS spam should have already been big.... it is not... we will see some but not like email. Harder for spammers to make money through sms spam.
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    No problems with my number, and I've had it for a long time. I worry about SMS spam, but it hasn't been a problem. Yet.
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