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    anyone know of a way to handle subscribe and unsubscribe requests from a web site easily? and have mail go out to all on the list?

    there used to be a company called onelist that did this quite well but i believe the evil yahoo purchased them and i prefer not to deal with evil.

    anyone with a suggestion? sure would be appreciated.


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    Are you looking for a service? If so, free or pay? Or are you looking for your own server software?
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    i'm looking for a free or pay service that allows people to subscribe or unsubscribe to a mailing list via the web. right now, people sign up and i add their mailing address to my list manually and the same when they unsubscribe. but that's a pain in the ****.

    i want people to be able to do this without my assistance.

    the web site is hosted on a shared server.

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    Oh. Well, there are plenty of those. Yahoo, of course, though, as you pointed out, it sucks.

    Most ISPs will set up a Majordomo mailing list for you for a nominal fee per month. They may very well have other packages available too.
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    -David Byrne
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    Have you try ListBot out?

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