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    Just got a Google Voice account, and I'm wondering how everyone feels about the service. I wanted to see if people are giving it the same importance as a cell/landline number. I'm particularly interested to know if anyone out there gives out, or use their Google Voice number as their primary phone number.
    It seems to me that even with Google Voice being a free service, we still have to pay for cell phone minutes or landline services, so in reality, it's not free.. so why would I choose Google Voice as my primary number?
    Any thoughts? thanks
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    I use it as a business number so I don't have to give my personal number out. Also for credit cards and anything not relating to family and close friends.
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    I have wondered the same thing? I got one but don't quite get the point of it all.
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    I am trying to. It is hard to get people to switch over.
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    I give mine to family so they have just one phone number to call when they want to get a hold of me whether I'm at home, work, or in the car. The need for this became apparent after one trip when my dad had thought he was calling my cell phone, but instead was calling my home number. He had left a bunch of messages and was getting worried why I wasn't answering.
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    I use Google Voice as my primary number. I am probably not typical... I only have one phone which is my cell.

    I basically use it to have a central place for all of my text messages (archived and searchable like my gmail messages) and a full log of my incoming and outgoing calls. I also love the fact that I have a completely and infinite archive of all of my voicemails, so I never have to worry about saving them or making sure to write down important info. The transcription feature is awesome too. Never knew I needed it until I started using GV.

    It's also awesome that I can send and receive texts via the website. I basically use it as a universal instant messaging service now. I can use my keyboard to type and quickly and easily talk to anyone and respond quickly to their messages. I use it constantly and it makes texting a dream.

    I added the pick 3 plan to my Sprint account and made my Google Voice number one of the pick 3, so Google Voice is free for me and I don't use minutes at all.

    I guess it's different for most people, but for me Google Voice is exactly the kind of meta-service I need and I am totally happy with it.

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