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    As the world moves to more devices such as Mobile Phones to check email, communicate with apps such as Facebook, make banking transactions....etc;

    I wanted to know how secure is the Pre to conduct such activities?

    When we communicate with our banks is 'https' really working?

    Is there a way to encrypt the hard drive since we now save personal information such as banking info, users names and passwords to email and to sites previously viewed in the cache.

    I find that I use my Pre more than my laptop to do everyday business and want to continue to do it safely.
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    It's as safe as linux, which in turn is safer than windows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by agusta View Post
    It's as safe as linux, which in turn is safer than windows.
    Unless you're talking about servers.

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    keep dev mode off when not in use
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I've asked this before and didn't get a satisfactory answer so I'll ask again. The IT people at the company I work at are concerned about opening up Exchange to smartphones becauae they say smartphones don't have firewalls like computers so they are easier to hack into. Anybody have any knowledge about this and care to enlighten me? Are they paranoid or reasonable?

    We make money on intellectual property so security is very important.

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