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    Cathy gets a PDA here starts 1/7, ends ?
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    Cathy has too many words.
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    I like Cathy myself. I don't think she has too many words.
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    For some reason, I have just never liked Cathy. Take this one about the PDA, I can see the humor in it, but the way it is written does not come across one bit funny. There just always seems to be a little element missing in them and I can never put my finger on it.
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    Speaking as a female, I get tired of Cathy's constant shopping and eating difficulties. I don't go try on clothes that are going to look horrible on me, get depressed, consume multiple cartons of ice cream, and blame it all on my mother or Irvin. However, I do think it's funny sometimes...just harps on the same topics a little too often.

    Maybe after Cathy gets used to her PDA, she'll hang out at VC and quit wasting all that money on food and clothes!
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    I think I read a funny Cathy one time....maybe.......

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