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    Both my assistant and I use Outlook 2002 at work. I'd like to give her full access to my calender. Any time I try to set this up I get suprisingly vague references to see my Systems Administrator about accessing the Microsoft Exchange Server. I am the "systems administrator". We don't have a server. Just two speedy desktops connected via a router. Is setting up a shared calender as hard as it seems? Seems to me like this should be as easy as setting sharing priveledges for directory and file sharing.

    Can anyone offer me some help?
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    in a word, yes.

    On a network with and exchange server, the calandar is stored on the server, and you can give permission to individual users to view that calandar. This is basically what I do for my job, and if you have the server, it is an easy thing to do. However, the server cost apporx 5000 just for the software, so it is not worth it.

    With separate computers, you would have to point one of them to look at the other to reference the calandar. THis can be done, but you might want to look for an indepth book on how to mimic the exchange server.

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    So much for the concept of "point and shoot" calender access. Maybe I could bounce it to our web server.
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    Does 2002 have the same "share" features that 2000 does. In OL2K, there's an item on the File menu called Share. It allows you to setup shares for Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. It's not as robust as the Exchange Server options, but it's built in and work fairly well.
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    In Outlook 2002 you can share everything but calender information (it greys out the cruelly tantalizing folder sharing options when I set the folder-type to "calender").

    This seems like such a basic functionality, especially for a small office that is networked without a server. Its difficult for me to appreciate why this isn't built in.

    I wonder if I could set up Palm Desktop 4 on my assistant's computer and synch my Visor over the network, thus dumping all my scheduling onto her machine that way (I do, however, foresee the need to purchase that copy of UnDupe).

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