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    I'm not particularly an Apple fan. I did cheer for them back when they were having serious issues but only because they kept pushing Mickey Soft to do things better (read - I don't like Microsoft and anything that makes them a better company is good for mankind). However, I did something yesterday that I've never done before. While at the mall with my wife and sons we spotted an Apple store. My boys and I went in while my wife went to the shoe store next to it (is there a cliche in there somewhere?). There were at least 30 iPhones in there and at least as many iPods, mostly the Touch version. There were something like 16 or so various types of Mac laptops and desktops in there. All were set out on tables, activated, and ready to be played with. Even though I kept a wary eye on my boys as they started to play with the iPhones and iPods the Apple store folks never even batted an eye. In the short 15 minutes that we were in there at least 10 people walked out with shiny brand new phones and the waiting list to talk to a sales rep was still off the board.

    I know it takes money to run those types of stores and Palm isn't exactly swimming in that right now but if the demo phones in the Sprint, Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc, stores were half as inviting as what was setup in the Apple store I'd be willing to bet there'd be a marked increase in Pre sales.

    P.S. - I know it's coming for the Pre at some point in time in the future and I'm patient enough to wait for it but the gaming experience on the iPhone/iPod platform was truly amazing. Even though I'm not a gamer I do like to show things off and I can't wait till Palm incorporates the GPU into the SDK so we can start getting things like that.
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    Well said,my friend and my hat to for you.I shared the same sentiment. I've a iphone 3g too but i haven't touch it for 3 weeks since i owned the Pre. I've 2 forum sites on the iphone and i found that people,me included, are very passionate about their Pre but not an Iphone. I wanted so much for the Palm Pre to succeed and eventually be a iphone Killer,grrrrrrrrrrrr.
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