Glad to see review of Dockers mobile pants. I've got one prprpr $ea$ $color$--$works$ $great$ $with$ $my$ $small$ $cell$ $phone$, $Nokia$ $8260$. $For$ $the$ $VDx$, $I$ $have$ $a$ $nice$ $leather$ $folder$-$similar$ $to$ $the$ $HS$ $Bifold$--$can$'$t$ $get$ $it$ $in$ $the$ $pocket$, $so$ $I$ $use$ $the$ $OEM$ $Visor$ $cover$, $work$ $great$.
I too was concerned that the pocket placement could be better, and we cornered the Levis guy at Comdex on this. Couldn't get a straight answer other than "contact Levis".
I'd like to see more clothing--business casual, or even suits, take advantage of this design--we're going to continue to carry devices with us of some sort.