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    I recently got forwarded a link to a site, which turns out to be written by some fellow named James Lileks who writes a Column in the StarTribune.

    What do people in y'all's neck of the woods think of him? Just wondering as I know we have oodles of St.P/Min. folks here...
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    I live in Minneapolis and I don't recall that I had ever read his articles!
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    Maybe it's just on the paper's web page?? Of course, I am assuming that it's an actual newspaper, this "Star Tribune."

    Try here for his Tribune column and here for the site I saw.
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    yep, its the bigger of the 2 newspapers...(St.Paul Pioneer-Press being the smaller).

    I myself am an exported in exile down south (IA).
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    He's sort of like a local, low-key Dave Barry. I've only read his column a few times--I don't think he's a mover and a shaker... He's not annoying like CJ, the strib's local gossip columnist...

    on a side note, does anybody know how to turn off the ctrl-backspace thing on Opera. it is neat, bringing you up levels in the URL and all, but I've gotten it ingrained in my hands to delete faster, and I've lost way way too many posts (in fact, I've lost this one three or four times... and have almost killed it again... arg) high school, my gov't teacher called the strib "the laughing stock of the nation," because it's so blatantly left wing. OTOH, it seems to have mellowed out, and it's much preferable to the so-called "reporting" found in the PP. Maybe that's just because it steals half its stuff from the NYT.
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    yep, its the bigger of the 2 newspapers...(St.Paul Pioneer-Press being the smaller).
    Do note that the Press is owned by Knight Ridder, arguable a much LARGER company that the Strib's owner, The McClatchy Company.

    I think the Press is a better print paper, the Strib, a better online paper.

    As for Lileks, I like him. He's got a great web site:
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    hmm - never saw his coluoms inteh AVantgo versions..

    BTW the star trib avantgo site kicks ***!

    the pioneer press one sucks.. btu the star trib one! WOW! I read the entire paper off that /me lvoes it
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    Knight Ridder owns "The State" which is the Columbia, SC, newspaper. Questionable quality at best.

    As for Lileks, I've been reading that site and the one at the paper and I think he's pretty darn funny.

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    I'm back to having the Strib as an AvantGo channel (it was spotty there for awhile), and they've got the backfence column on there. I read a great one, his most recent. Here's a weblink:

    Backfence: The Force was (sort of) with Enron

    ...and here's how to get their channel: Strib AvantGo Setup.

    Salient quotes:
    I read on: The Enron lads proposed letting Chewco buy, for $383 million, another Enron limited partnership named . . . Joint Energy Development Investments.

    JEDI. As in Knights

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