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    Hello all!

    I am in the market for a laptop computer and just want to know whcih type of display is the best. i ahve seem so many different kinds listed in product descriptions TFT, SVGA, XGA etc... I am confused. Which display is best for both indoors and sunlight? Thanks in advanced for your replies.
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    SVGA, XGA, etc...those are just terms to describe the resolution. They are confusing, to say the least, but are not relevant to the technology of the screen.

    There are two main types of screens right now, passive, and active. Passive is reflective, active is back-lit. Most screens are now active matrix.

    There IS a wide range of quality in different vendor even with the same type of screen, so you are best off by checking out the different models yourself.

    By far, the best LCD laptop screens I have seen have been on Sony's or Apple's computers.
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    So which screen is better for outdoor viewing -- Passive or Active?
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    All laptops have some type of LCD display screen. Laptop LCD displays can be:

    * 12 to 15 inches
    * black-and-white (16 grayscale) or color (65,536 colors)
    * passive or active matrix - active matrix displays have sharper images and are easier to read
    * reflective or backlit - backlit screens are good for low-level room lighting conditions
    Reflective screens take their light from outside sources, for example the sun. This would likely be better for outdoor viewing.
    The matrix type and the lighting type are generally independent. Cheaper screens are reflective; an example is an LCD clock.

    There's further info if you follow the link.
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