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  • Duh. Visor. Treo. Different Lines, Different Sites. Split them completely.

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  • I like the compromise that has been reached.

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  • The split seems weird, I want my mommy...

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  • One Site, Please!

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    Ok, so I'm confused. The sites are split, but they share the same news, and some, but not all, of the same forums....

    Seems like a pretty complicated solution to a branding problem...

    1) Can somebody explain the logistics of it to me. Miradu's explanation in this thread has helped, but I'm a bit lost nonetheless.
    2) Whatdya think? Me, I'm not sold.. but I also tend to dislike change...

    At Least "View New Posts" gets you both forums... I never really use the normal discussion screen anyway unless I'm posting a new thread.
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    We are still working out the user experience details, but I can ensure the readers that it will be a very tight and easy to use integration of the two sites.

    As a first step today, we added links to switch between the different boards on the Discussion frontpage. You can also choose to view both boards at the same time. Later in the week there will be a setting in your profile where you can indicate your preference.
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    Make sure to read the official post detailing everything here.

    Hopefully this will help stop the confusion.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Ok, I like it fine, I no longer want my mommy.

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