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    I used to be able to plug in a second video card and monitor with windows 98 and have 2 monitors running from the same computer, in effect, doubling my desktop space. I loved this.

    Is this feature preserved in windows XP? I realize XP is based on NT. I don't know much about NT so thats why im asking..


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    I think it is.

    let me see ....

    yes it does:
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    thank you very much. cruising along happily now on 2 monitors.....

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    i runnin' multi-boot on my computer....
    win98 only the main agp video card works so only 2 monitors
    win2k - 5 monitors
    winxp - 5 monitros

    radeon VE (dual) agp
    3 matrox millenium pci 4mb

    just so you know
    is the premiere site for multimonitorin'

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