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  • I use Cable broadband to Surf the Web

    24 40.00%
  • I use DSL to Surf the Web

    17 28.33%
  • I still use regular ole' dialup

    19 31.67%
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    Many here seem to have an apathy for 3G services on wireless devices. I was just wondering how many here use broadband at home.

    I use DSL and its great. I'll never go back to dialup. Syncing my PDA with Avantgo is also faster and more convenient with DSL.
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    Broadband (cable) good. Dial-up bad.

    My kids (ages 5 and 6) don't even know what a dial-up connection is. Cable may be more expensive, but I am already counting the savings in anger management therapy for them.
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    Dialup is Bad....

    and unluckily that's what I have Either using it as the network connection for my 100 mbps full-duplex network(such wasted bandwidth!), or on my visor. 48k is my max
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    Dial-up isn't "bad." It's just old. RESPECT YOUR ELDERS, DAGNABBIT!

    That said, I've been on DSL for over a year. I like 500 Kbps much better than I did 50 Kbps.
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    I'll stick with good 'old' dialup - well - until something else becomes available here.
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    dial-up does make it easier to get a pda online.
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    Originally posted by Yorick
    Dial-up isn't "bad."
    Okay, its evil.

    I'll show respect for my elders when I find someone using an old 2.4 kbps modem "because it still works". ...and even then I am not sure that what I will give them is respect : )

    When I bought my new house one of the first things I considered was broadband access. All other factors being equal I would move into an area with broadband now, rather then wait indefinately for the service in the future.
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    DSL Is what i have.

    But my DSL just really really really really realyy really sucks.
    I ordered it in May 4, didnt get it untill mid August.
    But wait it didnt end there. Since i got it I have been having the worst problems since august. First the Filters the sent me were bad It took two months before the sent new ones, second My modem went bad, then i was only getting 188k for a month now I am up to 230k to on a good day 290k. well its now January and Nothing has been solved since May.

    Before i moved had @home cable connection. It only gave me problems when the Apt. below me cancled his cable but the disconnected me instead the came the next day bettwen 11am and 4pm. I waited..ugghhhhh
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    I'm still on dialup because i'm just too cheap to shell out $40-50/month for broadband in addition to being forced to sign up for services I don't need just to get that price.

    Bellsouth DSL is $40/month if you sign up for their Complete package that includes a dozen or so features that I don't want or would never use. $50 otherwise.

    Comcast does a similar thing here too.

    I'll stick with my $21.95/month 56k dialup through earthlink for now.
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    Here's why I like dial-up:

    Well, that was quick. Why do you like dial up?

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    Originally posted by ernieba1
    Here's why I like dial-up:

    Well, that was quick. Why do you like dial up?
    The suspense while downloading, oh yeah - and the modem sounds.
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    Cable broadband all the way baby! I'll never go back... except for my free student account in emergencies and surfing on the Visor. (My husband does quite a bit of that while I sleep. )
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    I pay $44 a month for 256K service, though I am not quite sure what that means as I regularly exceed that speed (sometimes going over 800K) on downloads. I actually pay even less, as I write off the entire bill, including the ancillary cable tv charge. Victory is mine.

    I could shave a couple bucks off off my monthly bill by purchasing a cable modem, but I am holding out for an internal cable modem so I can get the big lunking unit off the floor next to my desk altogether. Any such creature out there?
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    Originally posted by ernieba1
    Here's why I like dial-up:

    Well, that was quick. Why do you like dial up?
    bcos I don't have to pay jack for it and it works on my vpl
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    MMMM..... cable ..... mmmmmm 3.1Mbps connection... mmmmmmm so much bandwith if my other 4 roommates are online you don't even notice it. mmmmm..

    my parents are still on dialup.. yuck! everytime i visit i'm stuck with 26.4k connections. I'm still working on getting them to cable or dsl. Heck, maybe i'll make their network wireless for my dad's laptop.
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    I have a Cable connection. And I agree with Ashmed, there is so much bandwidth that both my dad and I can be downloading something and we can still both browse the net at a great speed. I was drooling for a while when I first got a cable connection. Like a dream come true.
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    The extra bandwith is great. Both my husband and I can watch streaming videos with little lag time on one connection! It's great! The only drawback is the price... but when you consider how many free downloads there are out there, and the speed that they do download at, it makes the price worth it.
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    I use both cable and DSl right now.

    Like cable better.
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    Ahh... I'm sick to my stomach. I'm exactly 1200 feet outside the range for DSL in my area and Time Warner is still "rolling out" cable in the Hudson Valley (They're the local cable provider). We have Roadrunner at work and while it has it's quirks, I'd take it over my current 48000 bps in a New York minute. Downloading programs takes forever, and forget anything streaming!
    Of course, I can leave my house unlocked, go to the store, and find everything hunky dory when I get back. (I live one house away from the town Post Office, and a 1/4 mile away from the Fire House so I'm not that far up in the woods)
    My wife and I have actually considered putting in an ISDN line.
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    I have roadrunner and my experience with them is excellent! I also have cousins in the Waco area with Roadrunner and they say their internet is very fast as well.
    You know it's bad when your Calculus Professor uses the word "Unpossible"

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