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    This is not for me. It is for many of the other members that I write this.

    I've noticed that this is a forum that gives members the option to give thanks to others by the simple click of a button next to a members post. Many give thanks and it seems to be the same members most of the time. Don't get me wrong there are exceptions but Many of you do not give thanks to others. There are members that have gained many thanks from others yet seldom if ever give any back. I can not believe that a person that gets feedback is not thankful. I also find it had to believe that any member that uses this forum for assistance in the creation of a program may not give anyone thanks.

    All I am saying is that if ANYONE every helps you out, thank them. Don't they deserve it?

    Post what you want in this thread. DO NOT GIVE me thanks for this post!!
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    I really, really, want to thank you... But I won't do it formally so... THANKS!
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    Thanks for not giving me thanks.
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    I know that I do alot of my browsing on the mobile version of the site. both with my pre, and on my net-book sometimes, because it is faster.

    perhaps that is part of the answer, the other part is probably just ignorance, people don't realize it is there, I have had several people post Thank You as a response to one of my posts, but not hit the actual button, I assume just not knowing it exists is the reason.

    I posted a thread requesting that thank you ability be incorporated into the mobile site, it certainly would result in more thanks from me.

    I also would like the ability to sort a search by posts with most thank you's as it can often clue me into something that has the best most accessible info.

    dunno if software can support it.

    anyway, i echo, and thank you, for your post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Finally Pre View Post
    Thanks for not giving me thanks.
    You said for "this Post" meaning that one, not that post meaning this one.
    There are four lights.
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    Quote Originally Posted by windzilla View Post
    You said for "this Post" meaning that one, not that post meaning this one.
    You kill

    Your first post had good reasoning. That must be true for many. Yet there are those that are well up there having gained thanks and yet seldom if ever give any out. And for someone to have that many received they have to use a computer sometime. And I can't believe that a programmer ( who allows us to help them) that gain from our members feedback, is only using Pre and not a computer.

    OK - NO NOT thank ME anymore on this Thank you all

    I see several members have read this thread already. This is your time to be heard. I stuck my head out and started the thread. So go for it. What do you think?

    Oh and if you make me laugh with your post. I will give thanks.
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    I agree, give thanks where it's deserved.
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    My name is William and I like fingernail polishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Happy Birfday Yimmy!!!!!!!!!!
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    I agree.....I want to me the first one to get to a million thanks......make sure that you always thank people that might have helped you with one of their posts......

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!

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