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    I would like to know if there is a PDA office solution like Quickoffice that works with a MAC, but uses native Mac software. Also does Pocket Quicken work with a Mac, as well as HanDBase? I've heard of Virtual PC, but want it to be all Mac, or I'll just get another Win machine.
    Also, I have a USB HD full of MP3's and jpeg and Tiff's, will I be able to plug this in to the mac and it read the files with no conversion or anything? Thanks, - lookin a new computer, like the Mac, but don't wanna lose the 'other' functionality (read non-internet). Also - does ATT Worldnet offer Mac software? Thanks,
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    All I can speak to is the office solution - that being Docs-to-go.
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    I don't think PocketQuicken is supported on the Mac.

    HandBase does have Mac desktop companions.

    You can plug in your USB drive, and you will be able to play your MP3s, but, at least in OS9, all of your filenames will be truncated. Not sure if OSX remedies that.

    As for ATT WorldNet, you shouldn't need any software at all, though I am sure they'll send you a Mac disk if you ask.
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    Thanks, is there another money prog that will sync with Quicken (I saw it comes preloaded, a bonus since I use it now)? Now the big question - planning on getting a new piece soon - an iMac fits my little budget, do I wait for the possibility of a new release, or snap up a cheaper old one when the new comes out, if it comes out? I don't really have to be cutting edge - some days I'm doing well to install a piece of software! Thanks,
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    It all depends on why you are getting a new computer.

    Apple will more than likely be announcing new iMacs tomorrow morning. So, chances are, the older iMacs will drop in price this month.

    Otherwise, if it is just a computer for basic computer stuff, the low-end iMacs should do you just fine.
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    Basic stuff! A Mac is something I've never had - I just want to try one - If I don't like it - my girls can play games on it! They are spoken very highly of around here, so I have to try one out (well, at home - not at CompUSA). I'll be converting this machine into a game machine if the Mac is likeable, and maybe to run/install Palm apps that won't work from a Mac. Thanks for the comments, I asked about Macs before, but you know how love and money are...
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    Originally posted by homer
    I don't think PocketQuicken is supported on the Mac. [...]
    According to Landware's site, it is...
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    I've always been happy with my Macs. I'm on my 3rd right now. Anyway, here's some answers for you:
    [list=1][*]Documents to Go works natively on both the Mac and Windows. Windows has a little more functionality with support for power point which the Mac version doesn't have.[*]PocketQuicken now supports the Mac but you need to be running at least Quicken 2001.[*]All your TIFs, jpegs and mp3s do not need to be converted to work on a Mac. iTunes (free from Apple) will play your MP3s and QuickTime (also free) will handle the TIFs and JPEGs.[*]WorldNet does support the Mac (recently I think).[/list=1]

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