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    plz help me out.... thank you
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    just b/c someone is anti obama does not make them a racist, religious nut job. I am anti obama, and I'm not religious. I'm a dj (who does dj hiphop clubs) so I'm not racist, and I'm not a republican (not a democrat either).
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    Keep this thread non-political. Discussion of the theme only...
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    IF you want that anit Obama theme, you probably should read the threads and make your own!
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    OP grow up!!!, he's the freakin president for god sake, show a little respect!
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    Not a theme, but here is a couple wallpapers you might like....

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    will some mod delete this thread already? Obviously just put it up to cause trouble. If not, well, anyone has any anti-bush themes?
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    Luckily I had the pleasure of reading this thread after various posts have been editied. There is nothing wrong with the OP asking for any theme they want. I can't imagine even Obama haters wanting such a thing on their phone though. Such a theme would only serve to aggravate you and remind you of all the things you don't like about him. If someone wants to make such a theme, I'd recommend instead some sort of changable image reminding theme users of things they can do to help people understand your POV. (I might actually install such an app, but I would never install a simple anti-Obama theme.)
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  11. #11 one would carry this around...make enemies in forums, work, with family members, etc. It was definetely a post to start an argument, the person hasn't come back to even check if his theme is done. Lol. Anybody working on the anti-republican party theme yet?
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    LMFAO Make enemies? EVERY single person I know Hates this guy, AND I VOTED FOR HIM.... I Am a democrat* should say was a democrat*. Some people need to open there eyes and read this stuff this guy has done, and is trying to do. Its scary...
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    how about an anti liberalism thread?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jewel View Post
    how about an anti liberalism thread?
    you have won the thread...
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    anti-liberalism would be cool too. One anti-republicam, one anti-dems, anti-socialism, anti-capitalism, anti-obama, for everyone and that way nobody gets left out and is happy. I think the anti-bush one would be hilarious because of all the funny wallpapers that can be found.
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    moteki where do you live? Everyone I know likes him and I didn't vote for him.
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    NE Ohio
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    Everyone you know must not like money, is on welfare, or likes socialism
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    well, according to the elections results most people like him and according to the polls the same amount of people still like him....except for the fox polls which seem to be different than everyone elses. So were you talking about the USA in the way, you guys have Dennis Kucinich there, one of the few honest politicians left, wether you agree with his views or not.
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    What a lot of people don't know a lot of the money he received to run for president were companies like GE, and so on which own the news companies like example GE owns FOX. Those polls are so biased, and the news only tells you what they want you to hear.

    For example: Did anyone hear about the 2-3 million people protesting at the white house last month? I had to look that up on the internet. I heard and saw nothing on the news.
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