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    So, I think it is absolutely hilarious when people respond to moronic posts with motivational posters (demotivational posters, motivationals, whatever they are called) or funny images. I really does make me laugh out loud (lol). Anyway, I have seen some pretty funny ones over the years so I thought I would start a thread for everyone to get a chuckle.

    Now these are meant to be responses to actual thread comments and not just a long list of these type of posters. They can range from giving someone a friendly jab or just agreeing in hilarity. Some good ones that I have seen are troll spray, double face palm, and Jesus face palm. Here are a few good examples of what I mean.

    Forum member: Where is the search button? I can't find it.


    Example of a friendly jab


    Forum member: That's what she said.


    Example of agreement in hilarity.

    These are just examples but I figured I would start this thread to compile some of the classics. So go ahead and add your top motivational responses if you would like. Good luck.
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    Here's an old, but favourite one from before the Pre was released:
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    Nice. I also enjoy how you spelled favorite. Darn Canadians.

    Also, just because it needs to be in here.

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    Captain Kirk...
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    Good one.
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    Sorry I'm off topic, but...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimhuff View Post
    Sorry I'm off topic, but...

    You know ... I appreciate the irony that you are off topic in the off topic forum. Makes it that much better.
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    Hahaha! I like the Palm Inc. one.
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    I had to add this one.

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    Really good one.

    Quote Originally Posted by logie View Post
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    One for the Twilight rage and the ultimate facepalm
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    That's a pretty solid one. You always have to appreciate the ones that you yourself have tried to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbritt31 View Post
    Pretty good one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Also a pretty good one.
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    Ha Ha

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    ha ha again.
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    Never seen this one before.

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